Strabane Halloween Engagement Session

Closed 17 Jun 2019

Opened 20 May 2019


Derry City and Strabane District Council is seeking the views of the public in the proposal to move the annual Halloween celebrations in Strabane to a weekend date. 

The rationale behind the proposal is to maximise the opportunities that exist to grow and enhance the celebrations in the town and allow more flexibility to attract world-class performances.

Council is of the view that a fixed weekend date for the Halloween celebrations in Strabane would allow festival organisers to attract world-class animation and activities and maximise the opportunities for programming activity.

The Council believes that it will also allow the business community and the local voluntary and community sector to develop their offering and reap the economic benefits a weekend festival would bring

Details of the Halloween programme have yet to be announced and details are currently being finalised with a formal launch to take place over the summer following the conclusion of the engagement session.

We would welcome in your feedback in the following consultation.